Avcılar Hospital is a private health services provider located in Avcılar district of Istanbul, providing service with approximately 500 health personnel and 70 physicians. Our hospital started to accept patients in 1998, with 20 years of experience in 12.500 square meters of closed area, 165 hospital beds, 4 operating rooms, 39 adults, coronary and cardiovascular intensive care beds, 20 newborn cochlear and 19 + 1 dialysis beds in 50 different branches with health service. Our hospital aims to keep the quality standards at the highest level.

  • 1999 Central Laboratory (Microbiology) License
  • 1999 Radiology Laboratory License
  • 1999 Pharmacy License
  • 2002 FTR Laboratory license
  • 2003 Acupuncture Treatment Application License
  • 2004 Hemodialysis Center License 2004,
  • 2005 Pathology Laboratory License
  • 2011 Civil Aviation Medical Center Authorization Certificate
  • 2012 Transfusion Center License
  • 2014 Coronary Angiography Unit (Radiology Laboratory License)
  • 2015 Central Laboratory (Biochemistry) License

  • Avcılar Hospital, with the blocks added in 2009, today serves with 12,480 m2 closed area, 45 branches, 67 physicians and 550 employees in total. Our hospital, which has a capacity of 165 beds, has 27 adult intensive care beds, 7 coronary intensive care beds, 5 cardiovascular surgical intensive care beds, 20 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit incubators, 19+1 hemodialysis beds and 4 operating rooms.

Our Mission

In our hospital, with professional staff who are experts in their field, with the latest technological equipment and infrastructure equipment, adhering to ethical values, to offer the quality of service in international quality standards to a wide segment of society in economic conditions.

Our Vision

It is to be a health institution that we offer in international quality standards with our medical staff and competent employees who care about ethical values, by constantly improving the health service, respected reference in the health sector, and preferred by all.

Quality Policy

To provide patient and employee satisfaction oriented service.
Continuing its work as an institution providing services in accordance with international standards in the field of health, using the knowledge and technology required by the age.
To promote and implement continuing education.
Monitor indicators and improve processes with evidence-based data tracking.
Maintaining a service approach focused on patient and employee safety.
Monitoring patient rights and being a leading institution in complaint resolution.
Aiming to protect patient information confidentiality and privacy in all areas.
Providing international quality services in accordance with ethical rules.
To increase the environmental awareness of our employees.
Using hospital resources effectively and improving process efficiency.
Providing quality service to a wide segment of society.